three sets of genuine oster thread dies high speed steel 2rs. boxes are 516 24 n.f 716 n.f. 20 516 n.c. 18 they have some rust on then but have not been used. $50.00 for all.
Assorted Household Tools for sale. In good condition just have duplicates. The price is $ 20 for all tools displayed.
Weldcraft Tig Torch wflexible head, 25 lead, argon hose and Flowmeter. The photo shows two sets but only one is for $150.00. There is also extra Tungstens, cups and other accessories available.
This cabinet is originally designed for an electrical control room and it is very well constructed. It can be used as a safe to file records or whatever you need to keep safe with lock protection. It can also be used as a cabinet in your workshop to isolate expensive tools, etc. The price new is over $700.00.
ParkingCloud is a Duluth based parking software company looking after your parking requirements. garage management software is the most effective and emerging Smart City Solutions across the world. It includes sensors real-time data and software that allow users to explore free and occupied parking spaces. The main purpose is to reduce the time spent on manually finding the parking space. Our g...