My trusty 18 year old small TV VCR combo finally ate a tape and now won't even stay on as a TV. Does anyone have a working one they want to get rid of? Will pick up. Thanks!
Hey Gang, I finally bought my childhood dream sled a couple of years ago, and now I want it to look better. Not a show sled, just more like it should. I am in need of a bumper, handlebars, seat, windshield, maybe headlight/hood?, track, and whatever else you may have. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect, just better than what I have. Let me know what you are willing to part with and what it's ...
Will pick up. Looking for traditional jewel cases, not the thinner kind. Any condition is okay! Thanks
I ve been helping a young mother with 3 small children get a home set up after divorce. One thing I haven t found yet is a bed frame for a queen size bed. If anyone has one they could donate I d really appreciate it and will pick up and deliver for her. Thank you!
Once again we need an old area rug for our old dog. Any color fine; room size would be great so he can get up off an otherwise bare floor.
Looking for metal/steel/iron old garden tools or misc. that I can use to create yard art. I appreciate any offers and will gladly pick up. Thanx!!
Looking for couch or loveseat. Dog got skunked then sat on our sectional and can't get smell out. Tried vinegar, peroxide, baking soda nothing worked. Thanks
Need a new dresser. Color doesn't matter. Would just like a place to put clothes instead of piling them in my basket! I'm currently out of town, but can make arrangements to pick up with a friend back home!
If anyone has a large freezer they would like to get rid of I will gladly take it off your hands.
Looking for chicken wire or similar, used or new. Could use up to 150 linear feet.
6th Annual Bike Swap Northlanders get a chance to buy and sell used bikes at United Way of Greater Duluth's Bike Swap held each year at Continental Ski & Bike, 1305 E. 1st Street in Duluth. It’s easy to participate. If you have a bike in good condition that you would like to sell, you check it in at Continental Ski & Bike prior to the actual swap day. If the bike sells, ...